Multi Technologies FZE
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Main Services

• Machining of Turbine Parts

• Precision Engineering Components

• Fabrication Jobs in MS & SS

• Machining of Flanges

• Repair Works in the Machine Parts

• Design and Retrofitting of SPM

• Machining of Pressure Vessel Components

• Machining of Oil Well Drilling Tools

• Machine of Valve Body

• All General Machining Activities

• Digitizing of intricate Profile parts

• InjectionMoulds for Plastic components

• Blow mould for Plastic Lube Cans

• Pet Blow Mould for Water Bottles

• Press Tools for sheet metal

• Cutting Tools for Plastic Packaging

• Sealing Tools for Plastic Packaging

• Extruction Dies for Plastic Pipes

• Plastic cable Clamps

• Plastic Cutleries

• Precision Parts for Mechanical Seal

• Point Fitting for Glass Fixing

• Plastic Parts for various Medical Parts

• Aluminum Extruction Dies

• Thermo Forming Moulds

• Jigs & Fixtures